Wednesday, September 19, 2007

09 19 07 In My Opinion…or HIS Opinion

“But Samson said to his father, ‘Get her for me,
because she is the right one for me.’”
(Judges 14:3 NET Bible)

Samson ignored his parents’ advice, as well as God’s law in wanting to marry a Philistine woman. He thought it was right in his eyes however. Boy do we get in deep trouble when we begin to do what seems right in our own eyes! And it’s not just men in this day and age. Lust drags both men and women down in to the muck and mire in today’s culture! As they say, “It takes two to tango”. It must be the man, the Christian man, who steps up and takes a stand; draws the line; this is it: from here on out I will follow God’s will for me!

The Bible tells us that it is better to have an eye removed than to allow it to continue to cause us to sin. In Samson’s case, since He did nothing to control his lust, the Lord allowed the Philistines to capture him, gouge his eyes out and take every ounce of strength from him. Once Samson lost all he had, then he prayed! (Judges 16:21) We have to call upon the Lord while it’s still time, before He has to take action against us. Too often, we embarrass the Lord by our actions and simply assume He will understand. Oh, He understands all right! But do we? How patient will He be? How much grace will He continue to grant us? How long do we believe we will continue to escape the consequences of compromise? How long will a holy God put up with our unrighteous and ungodly actions? How long will continue to live IN MY OPINION rather than by God’s Word?

“In his opinion, she was just the right one.”
(Judges 14:7 NET Bible)

We all need to examine our lifestyles, public and private. It’s what God knows about our behind closed doors life that really matters. Are we living to please people, gain friends, obtain a promotion, or to honor God? My opinion is worthless. My plans are nothing. Only what we do for Christ will last! HIS OPINION is all that matters! What is HIS OPINION of you and me today? We all have time to change, but by His power, according to HIS OPINION of things!

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