Friday, March 15, 2019

Celebrate that too!!!

As we enter into the weekend, many might be wearing green, eating Irish foods, and even lifting a Guiness or more toasting the "Luck-O-the Irish". But please note there is a more serious and true side to the day, March 17, and the man, Patrick.
Patrick, as you can read in the link below was an Englishman taken into slavery to Ireland at sixteen. Raised in a CHRISTian home, he did not seek Christ until after this occasion. He escaped back to England and began a life of service to Christ, eventually travelling back to Ireland to win even his former owners to Christ.

Have fun this weekend sure. However, remember that Patrick and all the Irish are much more than green hats and ties, beer, whiskey and pots of gold. We are serious about our faith in God . . . Celebrate that too!!!

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