Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Right Attitude

Then I will teach transgressors Your ways and sinners shall be converted to You.
We all do it . . . God if you only do this for me then I will do this for You. If You allow me this one thing, then I will serve You for the rest of my life. However, this is NOT what David is saying here in my opinion. David, after realizing his woeful condition before God, knows that he can in no way serve God fully with the weight of his sin upon his heart. Would that not be great if we felt that way? Many of us today will casually sin and then casually serve! Similar to what James would write in James 3:10, we sin one minute and then serve in the church the next. We will treat our family harshly at home and head to church to be kind and loving to folks we don't know as well. We will dismiss fellow employees' needs, ignore neighbors as we head to the car, even drive without respect of other drivers as we drive about the highways. Even kids can be so kind and respectful around teachers or church leaders, yet treat their parents and siblings with nothing but disrespect and malice. However, if we would only be like David; we would first seek intimate communion with the Lord and then use the examples of our failings to reach others where they are and lead them to the Savior. Rather than be arrogant and pompous CHRISTians, we would be humble and honest in sincerely reaching others for Christ. They would realize that if Christ could forgive us, He could and will surely have enough grace for them too! If we would first openly and honestly approach the Throne of Grace upon our faces, then our hearts would be in the right place to serve His people. Jesus, in John 21:15-17, questioned Peter's love for Him before instructing him to "feed my sheep". Before we attempt to teach, preach, or in any way serve people, we must first be right with God. Oh yes, God can use anyone to do this, but to be used by God while in right fellowship with God brings blessings both here and in eternity. That's what I want . . .what about you? We would then be truly after the heart of God!

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