Friday, January 9, 2015

Things may seem bad . . . but God!

I saw that proud and sinful people were doing well. And I began to long for what they had. . . Many sins come out of their hard and stubborn hearts. There is no limit to the evil things they can think up. They laugh at others and speak words of hatred. They are proud. They warn others about the harm they can do to them. They brag as if they owned heaven itself. They talk as if they controlled the earth. So people listen to them. They lap up their words like water. They say, “How would God know what we’re doing? . . .It seems as if I have kept my heart pure for no reason. It didn’t do me any good to wash my hands to show that I wasn’t guilty of doing anything wrong. . . . My body and my heart may grow weak. God, you give strength to my heart. You are everything I will ever need. (Psalm 73:3,7-11, 13,26)
We as humans feel like failures when we don't see immediate results. Human motivation ends when the applause and affirmation fade. Human wisdom tells us to get ahead and then quit. However, things are quite different from God's perspective. His strength becomes perfect when we are at our weakest. His approval comes when we stop trying to please the crowd. His wisdom tells us to stop trying to lead the way and to follow Him instead. Give up to get ahead . . . Reliquish control to God and He will lead us to success!
Remember, God's grace is greater than our ability to mess up. He is always there to pick us up. But we need to humbly accept His paths!

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