Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Solid or Shaky Ground?

Those who do what is right are guided by their honest lives. But those who aren’t faithful are destroyed by their trickery.(Proverbs 11:3)
What do you remember about the earthquake August 23, 2011? Surprised? Shaken? Worried? We are surprised or shaken by things we do not expect. At times, this world shakes us. many people do not know where to turn when family gets sick ofr friends treat us badly. We place all our hope in the world, friends, or family.
But remember, the devil seeks to steal, kill, destroy . . . all through trickery! (John 10:10)He comes like a thief . . . trying to surprise or trick us.
We who know the Lord need to be guded by His promises and His words. We cannot be tricked by Satan!
Let's ask ourselves . . .
Are we guided by our beliefs in the Word of God and how God has been faithful to us, or will we give in to the lies of Satan? What stands between us and God today? What are we believing? Are we being tricked or believing the truth?
Are we standing on solid or shaky ground?

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