Friday, February 22, 2013

Wisdom of Youth

Elihu had waited before he spoke to Job. That’s because the others were older than he was. (Job 32:4)
How many of us would listen to the advice of someone younger? How many of our young people are respectful enough to warrant our attention? Here we have a perfect example of a respectful young man who indeed has wisdom yet waits his turn to share it . . . and share it respectfully! Elihu waited his turn as Job and his three friends spoke. Though he burned with anger and had some great advice to share, he waited for the elders to speak. His wisdom was simple: No one is beter than God! Strangely enough, right after Elihu finished, God the spoke.(Job 38) I know for a fact how much I am learning daily from our youth. They have so much to say and are in need to be heard. But many times they have not been taught how to respectfully speak to adults or even their own peers. As adults, we many times make them feel as though they know nothing! We all have so much to learn concerning communication. So let's not shut out our young people. Allow them a voice and take it into consideration. But young people . . . know your place and be respectful. Do your homework. Know the facts. Then speak with honor and respect to those older.
“I’m young, and you are old. So I was afraid to tell you what I know. I thought, ‘Those who are older should speak first. Those who have lived for many years should teach people how to be wise.’ But the spirit in people gives them understanding. The breath of the Mighty One gives them wisdom. Older people aren’t the only ones who are wise. They aren’t the only ones who understand what is right. (Job 32:6-9)

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