Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Listening in order to know when to speak . . .

I’m full of words. My spirit inside me forces me to speak. Inside I’m like wine that is bottled up. I’m like new wineskins ready to burst. I must speak so I can feel better. I must open my mouth and reply. (Job 32:18-20)
Old or not so young, a big part of wisdom is knowing when to speak. many people have a lot to say, but their timing is often way off. Like Peter, we often speak or act out of emotion. (John 18:10) Yet even Peter learned later in life to wait before speaking and to speak what the Lord would have him to share.(Acts 2:14-41) The Holy Spirit urges Elihu to speak now after all the others had their say. He was so tense on the inside. He just had to speak the words bottled up inside him. What if we only spoke when the Lord directed us? Do we even attempt to listen to that voice inside of us? Are we too loud to even hear it? Are we too busy planning our next sentence to listen to others or to God? Do we even value the words of others? How can we ever learn(hear)if we always think we must always be doing the teaching (talking)?
We all must learn the art of listening in order to know if and when to speak. Being able to discern the loud noises of our lives from the still quiet voice of the Holy Spirit is a sure sign of maturity and wisdom.

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