Thursday, August 2, 2012

To Do . . . WHAT?

"What I'm about to tell you is true," Jesus replied. "Has anyone left home or family or fields for me and the good news? They will receive 100 times as much in this world. They will have homes and families and fields. But they will also be treated badly by others. In the world to come they will live forever. 31 But many who are first will be last. And the last will be first."
(Mark 10:29-30) How many of the things on our To Do List make a real difference in our future? Does this list lead us away from or to the important things in our lives? Are we focused on our life's priorities or just getting through this day? In Mark 10, Jesus tells the story of the rich young ruler who had it all, but could not make Jesus his priority. He had things to do yet . . . He had a list to complete before totally trusting the Lord! How about you and me? Will we put Christ first and trust Him with the To Do List? I must admit, I have been struggling with this a lot lately . . . What good is to accomplish things on this daily To Do List when it makes no real difference in my life? Sure, I get things done, but to what goal? I want to bring glory to God. I want to bring others closer to Him. I want to make an eternal impact with every day of my life . . . but life gets in the way! Like most of us, I often wonder . . . Is my life making any significant contribution to the Kingdom of God? Real work for the Lord must involve people, yet people can be the biggest challenge. Despite our best efforts, people will be disappointed. We will fall short of their expectations of us. We will be rejected. We will be embarrassed. We will be ridiculed. At times, we bring it upon ourselves and other times it is simply life happening around us. We live in a sin-filled world and many if not most will reject a dedicated disciple of Christ . . . even many believers! Have you ever been called a fanatic . . . a freak . . . over the edge? I am reading a book now which attempts to describe the life of Peter from Peter's perspective. In the book Peter struggles with a total commitment to Jesus Christ the person. Peter is looking for a successful business venture, a way to provide more foe his family. He finally realizesthat he must give up his ways for a total reliance upon Jesus to provide. He can no longer depend upon the world or the people in it! Once Peter totally trusted Christ, his life and the life of many others changed! (Matthew 16:16) We all have a list . . . but To Do . . . WHAT? It is time!

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