Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jesus is Still Speaking Today

"Blessed are those who are spiritually needy. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them."
(Matthew 5:3)

Just as Jesus began calling His disciples to follow Him, He noticed multitudes ... crowds of people following after Him. He saw the crowds but I also get a sense that he saw their need; a need for encouragement, a need for hope, a need to hear that there was a better day ahead. Sound familiar?

Jesus is Still Speaking Today . . .

Jesus went up on the mountain so He could be seen and heard and waited for His disiples to join Him ((Matthew 5:1) You see, even His closest followers needed to be encouraged to press on. Times would be getting even more challenging as they committed to follow Christ.

The humble, the meek, those who empathize with others, those who seek after the things of God are not the most popular in this world, that is obvious. In fact, the truly humble Christian leaders are not out in the public eye, but working hard within their own congregations, serving in their neighborhoods, making late night visits to hospitals, and bending down to lend an ear to a child in need. Living out the beatitude attitude is a life of sacrifice! Great is their reward in heaven. (Matthew 5:12) Servants like this are not seeking fame and fortune, but seeking that God is recognized and honored! (Matthew 5:16)

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so they can have life. I want them to have it in the fullest possible way.
(John 10:10)

The world offers many ways to riches and glory. It is a challnge even for the most grounded Christian leaders. Money is fine. Having things is ok, in fact when used properly, riches, fame, and popularity can indeed spread the Word of God to places and people you and I could never reach! They are tools for minitry I like to say. However, the love of money, the desire for fame and recognition, this is the pitfall. (1 Timothy 6:10) Our desire needs to always be to honor God and bring Him glory!

The abundant life God promises is not of this earth, but in heaven. Things on earth rust, fade, and crumble. Look at today's economy as an example; stocks crumbling, retirement plans dwindling, and homes losing value. No one can take away what we do for Christ and His promises however!(Colossians 3:23-24)

As the days get more challenging, what is our motivation? Are we seeking to do His work, or seeking security for ourselves? Who or what are we trusting in today?

Jesus is Still Speaking Today . . . are we listening?

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