Monday, March 21, 2011

C'Mon Man!

Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins.(James 4:17)To know what is right to do and then do something else is well . . . stupid! Would anyone in their right mind choose the wrong thing? Would a contestant on a game show choose the wrong answer and lose the money? Would a singer in a talent show choose a song they could not sing well? Would you or I choose to buy a vehicle we did not like if had the resources to buy whatever vehicle we desired?

C'mon man!

The bible tells us we all sin and fall short of the glory, the perfection of God.(Romans 3:23) yet while we were yet sinners (even now) God made a way for us to be with Him through the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross.(Romans 5:8) We who trust Christ as Lord and Savior will not receive what we deserve, but be granted mercy and receive His grace . . . eternal life with God (Romans 6:23). One who truly believes and repents (true sorrow)of His sin will be forgiven, saved from their sin. (Romans 10:9-10)God promises to call this one His son (John 1:12)Then the believer receives the gift of the Holy Spirit to enable him to live a life worthy of a holy God. (Acts 1:8)

There is one way . . . one right way to be free from sin and eternal death (separation from God). It through Christ alone (solo Christo). Any other attempt to have a realtionship with God Almighty is the wrong way!

Man's attempt to find God is simply a relgion . . . a belief in a god with some organized form of worship. God's attempt to reach out to humanity is through a relationship . . . through Christ and the sacrifice He made upon the cross and His resurrection from the grave. He has power over sin and death.

Let's not choose sin . . . it is wrong! It is getting late!!!!!

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