Thursday, December 4, 2008

12 04 08 It is Always Good

“His great love is new every morning.
Lord, how faithful you are!” (Lamentations 3:23 NIrV)

God’s conforming character is a covering for every wrecked office and institution in life. God is full of mercy and His Truth supersedes any present day trouble. Many are experiencing the deep disappointments and devastating losses brought on by today’s challenging economic situation worldwide. We can follow Jeremiah’s example, as he surveyed the gloom and doom of his day (586-580 B.C.). Jerusalem had fallen to Babylon and King Nebuchadnezzar and many Jews (including Jeremiah) would be forced to leave Jerusalem or even be murdered by the Babylonian armies. Despite the terrible times, there is a glimmer of hope! Every morning there is reason to shout, “Lord, how faithful you are “!

“It is good to sing every morning about your love.
It is good to sing every night about how faithful you are.” (Psalm 92:2 NIrV)

This psalm of praise commemorates the person and work of God. Despite the circumstances, it is always good and right to praise God and to do it without shame or embarrassment. We can’t be embarrassed to praise Him publically and we must be careful not to embarrass Him with our actions. We aren’t trying to be obnoxious or rude, just overflowing with the love and provisions our Father gives us! We can’t let someone tell us we cannot speak the name of Jesus in public when the Word tells us to do so when urged. Do we need the rocks to cry out for us?

In the beginning of the day…He is faithful. In the most challenging of times…in the courtroom…in the hospital…in the unemployment line…in trying to make the bills match the money…in the middle of family challenges…when a spouse faces life threatening illness…in agonizing pain for our children…when an elderly parent’s days are dwindling…He is faithful. In the midnight hour when no one sees or hears us but God…He is faithful.

IT IS ALWAYS GOOD to praise the Lord! Always!!!!

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