Monday, July 7, 2008

07 07 08 Never Know

“But here is how God has shown his love for us.
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
(Romans 5:8 NIrV)

Some things in life I’ll never understand. Why do people park in driveways and drive on parkways? That’s a bit backwards! Why is it people get on planes but into cars? It’s much safer inside the plane! Why do we only see one shoe on the roadside? Where are all the people walking with just one shoe? While I may come to understand the issues above, one thing I’ll NEVER KNOW: Why does Jesus love me?

Many songwriters have penned this question in many ways. Who am I that You hear me…What other king would leave His throne…How wide is Your love…Why do You love me so…Why did You sacrifice Your life...Why me, Lord?

I may NEVER KNOW, oh but I’m glad!!! God so loves me! That’s amazing. It’s unbelievable; except by faith in the person of Jesus Christ. No one else can love me in this way!

When no one else loves me; when no one else seems to understand; when I feel isolated and misunderstood; one thing He tells me that I’ll always know:

"I will never leave you. I will never desert you."
(Hebrews 13:5 NIrV)

I may NEVER KNOW why, but I know that He does! That’s got to be enough for me. In times when every foundation on earth seems to be crumbling, God’s promises remain strong. His Word remains true and unchanging. His love is ever present. My relationship with Him is secure and growing stronger every day. He is mine and I am His. Some things we may NEVER KNOW, but when we know the Lord, we know it!

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