Friday, February 22, 2008

02 22 08 Follow the Leader

“Many years later, when Moses had grown up, he went out to visit his people, the Israelites, and he saw how hard they were forced to work.
During his visit, he saw an Egyptian beating one of the Hebrew slaves…..
And sure enough, when Pharaoh heard about it, he gave orders to have Moses arrested and killed. But Moses fled from Pharaoh and escaped to the land of Midian.
When Moses arrived in Midian, he sat down beside a well.”
(Genesis 2:11-15 NLT)

If you’re like me, you have found yourself saying, "I've worked so hard: Tried so many things, but it's gotten me nowhere. Nothing has worked for me.”
Ever ask the monumental question, “Will God ever be able to really use me?"
And there we sit: qualified, capable people preferring to be on the move, since sitting down goes against the grain. However, the broken forty-year-old named Moses finally slumped to the ground at the end his self-driven life; he found fresh, cool drinking water right next to him.

So we must sit down. Sit down? We have run far enough. We have pushed long enough. God is attempting to grab our attention. Listen to His voice: "Quit! Stop! Let Me handle things! Sit down. Look right next to you. It is a well, full of sparkling, cool, fresh water."

Soon it will be DADDY’s delight to bring up the bucket and refresh our soul. Sit still. Relax a bit. Be quiet. Listen…….Accept His assistance; no His leadership. Give over control to the Master.

Now follow Him. Carry out His plans. It’s a simple thing we all did as children, but have somehow outgrown over the years. We are big boys and girls now. But like Moses we not only need a little help now and then, we always need His leadership. So let’s FOLLOW THE LEADER…every moment of the day.

No matter our circumstance, God can use a repentant, broken, and contrite heart. He also desires to hear our praise, our thanks, our needs and our concerns. He wants to talk with us throughout the day.

So all this lends me to ask myself and everyone reading this these two questions:
What is the condition of my heart? (attitude)
What is the condition of my knees? (prayer)

Ready? All who call Him DADDYABBAFather (all of the King’s kids): let’s get in line and FOLLOW THE LEADER!

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