Thursday, November 1, 2007

11-01-01 One Another’s Part III Freed to serve

“For you were called to freedom, brothers and sisters; only do not use your freedom as an opportunity to indulge your flesh,
but through love serve one another.”
(Galatians 5:13 NET)

Christian freedom is in no way a license or a permit to do what we want to do nor is it an entrapment into slavery. Freedom in Christ is liberty from the bonds of sin and freedom to now serve Christ and others. This liberty must be maintained and not abused. We who have accepted the salvation in Christ must not allow the freedom we have cause us to launch back into a sinful lifestyle! As we grow deeper in love with the Savior, that love should encourage us to serve Him and one another in love. We have bee FREED TO SERVE, not to self-indulgence.

“To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.”
(Colossians 1:28-29 NIV)

We believers need to consciously put our efforts to the servant-hood of Christ, thus making it a priority to be a servant to others. It is not necessarily our energy, but the power of the Holy Spirit working within us which spurs us on. I’ll be honest, it won’t always be the most popular thing to do or the most convenient thing to do when it comes to sacrificing my wants to the call Christ has upon me to serve others. However, I have been FREED TO SERVE, not to fulfill my selfish desires. I must choose to serve! Through the love of Christ, He compels me to use that freedom to meet the needs of others. It is Christ, not me! It’s all for His glory and not for my recognition.

It’s not an impossible task; Christ did it, being obedient to the Father. Paul did it; so did Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Mary, and so many others. I have personally witnessed men and women within my life live a totally sacrificial life for Christ in giving themselves for others. I have no excuse and am not without example. I have been FREED TO SERVE and I am learning the joy in that liberty!

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