Wednesday, June 27, 2007

06 28 07 Trading Reputation for Integrity

“Where do the conflicts and where do the quarrels among you come from? Is it not from this, from your passions that battle inside you?”
(James 4:1)

So many differences and disputes could easily be avoided if we would just realize how selfish and arrogant we become. I want… I want… I want… How many of us have overheard our own voice whispering, “How in the world did they get that?” or “Why are they in that position and not me?” Oh it’s so nice to say how unselfish we are, how we give to this charity and that shelter, and how glad we are that our friend received the award; on the outside. Inside we may be seething! These feelings often boil over into harsh words, lies, gossiping, backbiting and at times a break-up of friendships, even family bonds.

"Do not speak evil against one another, brothers and sisters.”
(James 4:11)

This was and is happening in the Church! I heard it said that ministry would be great if it weren’t for the people. I feel sorry for that gentleman. I still love working with people, but people, yes even CHRISTIANS, can be challenging! If I had a dime for every time I was misunderstood, accused of false motives, or just plain talked about, I’d have a few more dimes for sure. But people will be people. We still should not talk evil about them, especially our fellow family of believers!! We can and should confront sin in a loving and yet convincing way. But condemnation has no place in our walk, since we ourselves have not been condemned. Where sin abounds, grace must too flourish!

Oh that we can reflect the Savior in our relationships, especially within the Church. It’s not about me, but Christ and others. I have no reputation (what others may think of me), but my integrity (what God knows about me) is vital to my effectiveness for the Lord.

Lord, allow me to see others with spiritual eyes, the way you first looked upon my wretched soul!

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