Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I Hate This!!!!

For I acknowledge my transgressions, and my sin is always before me.” (Psalm 51:3)

The first step repentance is showing contrition for our action. If we don’t feel any remorse or sorrow for what we’ve done, there will no real admition of guilt. So many of us today say, “I’m sorry”, yet there is no feeling of sorrow. I’m sorry becomes a way of getting out of the situation we’re in! Secondly, we must come to realize and acknowledge that our sin is sin and we can’t deal with it alone. We need a holy God to remove the evil condition of sin!

David was surely remorseful for his actions with Bathsheba and the subsequent death (murder) of her husband Uriah (2 Samuel 11). He also acknowledged that the sin was “always before him”…it would not go away! He couldn’t cover it up and he couldn’t run any more. It was eating at his health (Psalm 32:3) and now Nathan the prophet knew as well (2 Samuel 12:7).

I think we all can relate to David. I know I can! I have gotten to the point where I hate the sin I even think about and it makes me sick to consider the things I do and have done, compared to what God has done for me! I can imagine David crying out, “I hate this!” in reference to his sinful condition. We just can’t handle it alone! We need His grace. We need His love. We need His mercy. We need the blood of Jesus to thoroughly cleanse us! We also need a Nathan at times to help us admit our guilt.

What is the comparison in our lives to the sin we commit and the grace and mercy offered by Christ? Ask yourself, “Do I hate the sin enough to admit how much I need Him? Am I willing to cry out to Him for help? What must I do to be saved from the deep sorrow of my sin and transformed to a new life of holiness?” Call on the Savior, the One who died for each of us that we might experience His deep and abiding love. Trust Him to do what we can’t do alone! Don’t hide anymore!!!

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